Monday, February 21, 2011

Preorder SNSD fan Tee shirts!

This is the Official SG SONES Fan SNSD Tee
(Note: This is note SM Entertainment's official T-shirts)

Collecting orders until 9th March only(:

Due to mass orders, prices may decrease. However you may be required to pay more should they increase (though you would be able to cancel your orders if they increase)

Note:  The last picture is the design on the back of the fan tee-shirts(: The T-shirts are available for all 9 members! :D

Buy 1 shirt for $30 each
Buy 5 shirts for $28 each
Buy all 9 shirts for $27 each

You can either:
1. Pay me the cash ASAP before the collection of the shirts
2. Pay me the cash upon collection of the shirts but pay an additional $2 per shirt you purchase 
    (lol sorry but Im handling the purchase of lots of shirts so I need to collect payment upfront)


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